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"Dark Catacombs: Sepulcrum"

The Expansion Set "Dark Catacombs: Sepulcrum" includes 18 scenic elements to recreate the perfect "Ancient Catacombs".
10 elements are Double-Faces, paying 18 elements you will receive 28!!
All pieces are constructed in resin, lightweight but very resistant to accidental falls.
The pieces in the colored set are hand painted and Made in Italy
4 Corner Burial places with 2 recesses Double-Faces (burial+ruins)
2 Burial places with 2 recesses Double-Faces (burial+ossuary)
2 Burial places with 3 recesses Double-Faces (burial+trapdoor)
2 Vertical ossuary Double-Faces (ossuary+burial on the floor)
6 Deceased hung down to the wall (3 different poses)
2 Pillars with burials for deceased and skulls

Each modular element will fit with the "Dark Catacombs" line

Here is an example of the Corner Burial with its two uses ( matched with pillar )

Here are the deceased hung down to the walls, the hook will be suitable for the simple walls, further Mini-Dungeons Lines by MiniWorlds

Here are some examples created in 2 minutes, the possibilities are virtually endless.

The unpainted "Dark Catacombs: Sepulcrum" Set is identical to the painted one, save for the natural dark brown color.
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