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"Old Mines"

The "Old Mines" Set includes 20 scenic elements to recreate the perfect "abandoned mines".
of 14 wall 13 are different!!
All pieces are constructed in resin, lightweight but very resistant to accidental falls.
The pieces in the colored set are hand painted and Made in Italy

8 walls all different
6 corner walls of 5 different
6 floors ( 2" x 2" )  

Every modular piece of this set covered with velvet to protect your table from scratches.

A classical 1-inch grid effect is achieved through small cracks and lines on the rough mines floors.
Your eyes will notice this lines and "connect the dots", so you won’t notice any difference from the average grid.

The unpainted "Old Mines" Set is identical to the painted one, except that:

1) The pieces come in a natural, dark brown color
2) Velvet clothing not included

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