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Mini-Mask: Tutorial 1


Let’s start by examining the basic Mini-Mask pieces. Let’s use as example the Mini-Mask 001 (round arch) Roman Arches


In red, I have outlined the various shapes on this Mini-Mask. All the Mini-Mask of the “Arches” line have 14 shapes that come in 8 different sizes.

Each shape, or grouping of identical shapes, has its width measure noted in a small circle –so that you’ll know which to use in the case of complex buildings or compositions.
For the Arches line, sizes are:
mm 7 ( 0,30" )  mm 10 ( 0,40" ) mm 15 ( 0,60" ) mm 25 ( 1" ) mm 35 ( 1,40" ) mm 45 ( 1,80" ) mm 55 ( 2,15" ) mm 65 ( 2,50" )  


Each Mini-Mask comes engraved with a grid composed of 1 cm squares ( 0,40" ). As you’ll see in the next tutorial, this grid is invaluable to place the elements you’re going to use in your projects.

All shapes are slightly oversized to compensate for the tip of the cutting or drawing tool.

Here you can see how the red line passes through the Roman Arch slightly above the base, to compensate the incision we’re going to make.

Each arch can be completed with its own voussoirs.
Red: The biggest arches have their voussoirs marked individually
Blue: Here, only the keystone is marked due to the arch’s small size –voussoirs could be cut or drawn by hand.
Yellow: For this size, no voussoirs or keystone are marked and the can both be placed by hand.

These are the basical characteristics, from the next tutorial we will see of to use the Mini-Mask at its best.

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