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Mini-Mask: Tutorial 2

The Mini-Mask is used as a normal stencil.
Start by placing it on the material you’re going to use.

Using a cutting tool (a pen, bradawl or graver) follow the outlines of the shape of your choosing.

You can combine arches to make several shapes of classical and medieval architecture.
Here you can see of one could place the smaller arches within the largest ones, to make in a few seconds the classical mullioned and three-mullioned windows.

Here you can see how with less than one minute of work we made an incision that, with other instruments, would have not only been made in considerably more time but also with a lesser precision.
Mini-Mask can help a modeler to make full buildings fronts in a few minutes.

Here, you can see how the same shape can be used multiple times to create a four-mullioned window in a few minutes.

This is the result of one minute of detailed work, thanks to the Mini-Mask.

The same shape (1), used twice within the largest arch, creates a five-mullioned window.

As already stated, the voussoirs are only for the biggest arches. The outlines can be use to make to make single lines as a perfect separation between individual voussoirs.

You can use the Mask to make a simple , base line for the voussoirs

... and then complete manually.

Here you can see how, even by hand, you could add more lines to make more and smaller voussoirs while keeping a high level of detail.

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