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Mini-Mask: Tutorial 3

Church Front

Let us start by obersving this photo – the front of a medieval church. In this tutorial we will use JUST one Mini-Mask, and no rulers.

Here you can see how I marked the outlines of the front’s main elements.

Since the arches of this particular church are all “roman” arches, I’ll have to use the Mini-Mask 001 – round arch.

The first step is to understand exactly of how many sizes and shapes of round arches is the structure made of. Here, I found three main shapes.

Calculating the scale for the measure I’m aiming for (1:56 . 1:65) using scenic elements for 28/32mm miniature, I decided to use the 

65mm ( 2,50" ) 35mm  ( 1,40" ) and 25mm arches ( 1" )

Let’s start with the church’s main gate.

Then, let’s proceed to the small openings just above the main gate. You’ll have to use the Mini-Mask grid here, as they’ll help a lot with the placing of different elements on the same front.
As you can see, I have placed the row of smaller arches 4cm above the main gate’s highest point. I decided to use the leftmost arch as the central one of a set of three.

Once the first and central of the three arches is drawn, drawing the other two is easily done by placing the Mini-Mask so that its right arch is superimposed on the one drawn on the material. The Mini-Mask’s left arch becomes then the leftmost arch in our set of three.

The same technique is used to create one more arch left and right. As you can see, I have not drawn the base for these ones, as they’ll become windows with a longer shape.

Once again, I’ll use the grid on the Mini-Mask to measure the 7cm height. To make sure these lines will be parallel to the others, I’ll refer to the grid.

Using the set of three arches as a reference, I find the central point to start working on the biggest and highest arch on the church front.

Once again, using the main arch as a reference I place two smaller ones 35 mm (1,40") at its sides.

The central front is done now. Its missing the biggest arch way up high, but the Mini-Mask does not come in that particular size.
This work was done in 5 minutes with no other tools.

Creating the front for the two isles is way easier. The drawings you can see look plain enough but would have required more tools and time. The Mini-Mask is a perfect resource that includes all the tools you need in a simple object, and will help you improve your projects for scenic architecture by making them faster, easier and more precise.  

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